Enhancing processes and streamlining operations through the strategic and effective use of technology

Aspen’s vision is a world with better healthcare, and our consultants are passionate about helping clients leverage the bold promise of technology toward that end. That’s why we have a razor-sharp focus on helping clients address the industry’s priorities.

Performance Improvement

Two opportunities exist to reduce operating costs. The bigger opportunity is clinical and operational performance improvements enabled by IT. A second smaller, but important aspect, is identifying areas for efficiency gains, potential cost reduction, and improved service delivery within IT. Aspen can help with both. Learn More

EHR Value Realization

Implementing and realizing the full benefit of an EHR requires a thoughtful approach to governance, organizational change management, process and performance improvement, and benefits realization. We provide consulting services across the EHR lifecycle to help you demonstrate savings and value. Learn More

From Volume to Value

The transition from volume to value is causing healthcare organizations to refine and validate their business model and supporting IT strategic plans. Aspen helps you prioritize the business and resulting technology requirements and build and implement your roadmap. Learn More

Data and Analytics

Harnessing the power of data and analytics requires the right mindset, skill set and toolset. We help clients foster the analytics mindset to transform care delivery, develop the skill sets necessary to design and deploy analytics, and ensure they have the tools needed to guide decisions at the point-of-care. Learn More

The Connected Community

Enabling the connected community puts the healthcare consumer at the center and requires a complex web of interconnected technology and processes to operationalize it. Whether it's HIE, telehealth, patient engagement, or extending the EHR, we help define and implement the process and technology changes required. Learn More

The Future Revenue Cycle

Across the revenue cycle, there are opportunities to improve the patient and clinical stakeholder experience and financial return. Aspen helps evaluate processes and systems to improve performance, attract and retain clinicians and patients, and position for the future of revenue cycle management. Learn More

Centers of Excellence

Ultimately, our goal is to help you realize the value of your IT investments and achieve clinical, revenue cycle, and IT performance excellence. We draw upon our Centers of Excellence to effectively deliver our work across all service lines.

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